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The purpose of Venturing is to provide positive experiences to help youth (co-ed, ages 14-21) mature, and to prepare them to become responsible adults. The purpose of Hunting Venture Crew .30-06 is to provide hunting opportunities to Crew members through education, safety, new skills, leadership development, and success. Our goal is to develop responsible and educated young hunters that will grow into the future ambassadors who will represent and ensure that our sport is protected into the next generation. We will be laser-focused on Hunting, and continually educating Crew members on these topics:  Firearms safety, training, and shooting proficiency;  Knowledge of wildlife species, biology, habitat, conservation, and game management;  Exposure to community and supporting hunting and conservation organizations;  Assisting on ranges during various shoots, competitions, camps, etc.;  Volunteer outreach opportunities related to hunting and conservation. The Hunting Venture Crew .30-06 Program will be a complete program consisting of: Range Time: (development of proficiency with the proper firearm in relation to the specific upcoming hunt) Education: (programs conducted by knowledgeable training specialists, wildlife biologists, game wardens, and other experts about game animals, habitat, rules, regulations and hunting laws of the targeted species) The Hunt: (Participant will combine these first two parts (Range Time + Education) to complete the Actual Hunt. Participants will be actively involved in the entire process, from beginning to end of hunt, including field dressing, quartering, and utilizing all edible parts of the animal) Hunting Venture Crew .30-06 is a 100% NRA membership Crew:  All Crew members (youth & adult) will be trained and certified as NRA Range Safety Officers (RSO), Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Instructors; and must keep their NRA instructor credentials current.  Adult {21 and older}, Assistant {ages 18-20}, Apprentice {ages 13-17} Instructors o With NRA-certified Instructors, the Crew can assist on ranges, shooting events in the community, and other events where help is needed by trained and certified instructor. o Our Crew members are experienced campers utilizing the skills they learned in the Scouting Program, are prepared for outdoor activities and adventures, and are continually seeking new opportunities. It is primarily due to firearms safety that we keep our Crew numbers small. We never want to tell a youth they are not able to participate in an upcoming hunt or day at the range because we do not have enough room for them to attend. Our Crew is looking forward to doing great things with American Legion Post 490! Hunting Crew Guidelines Crew .30-06 Program Click Logo For Website
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