From: Cronin, John (HOU) []

Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2017

Subject: This weekend UPDATE


Good Morning,


First I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNITED STATES ARMY!!!!!!!!! I know I am a day late.


This weekend


Tonight come to the post for some mouthwatering RIBS.....Legionnaire Brian is cooking some great RIBS on Thursday night for a great price.


Friday- Home cook Dinner. This week the Post will have a Ham dinner for you at a great price of $8.00 dollars


Saturday is a full and fun pack day for the family come out and support Juneteenth Celebration from 1200-4pm A family Friendly Cook Out Horseshoes Tournament........Get a Partner Volleyball Raffles(Astros Tickets, Basket, and more) This is a great time to show your friends what the post is all about.


John J. Cronin



From: Cronin, John (HOU) []

Sent: Monday, June 12, 2017

Subject: Weekly Blast


Good Morning,


WOW What a weekend. Over the last two days this post has been very active.

On Saturday the post did a fundraiser and it was great. Then on Sunday we had 204 people in the hall, yes it was hot, yes we did everything that we could and the event went off great. I talked to a lot of people in the community about the American Legion and I believe that there was really only one person upset about the air condition issue. The community saw that the post did everything possible to fix the problem, but this is Houston in June so things will happen.


I would like to thank the staff that worked in the hall over the weekend. I also want to thank the Kitchen crew. I never saw over 600 dollars of sales go out of the kitchen in 2 hours before and not 1 order was brought back.

Brian and Chris was well oil machine in the kitchen and they loved working together. I want to tell everyone that the Trustees are working day in and day out on the sir condition problem and I have heard your concerns and I agree with everyone but this process is not as easy as you might think. I have seen the Trustees review all the documents to make sure that there is no more money going in and later we see no results. The chair of the Trustees and I have been at the post everyday making sure that the post does not get rip off and there will be results in the very near future. Ben 1 and Ben 2 and Rene has been talking with all the contractors each and every day last week and the electrical issues and the air condition is in a working plan. Without these Legionnaires I do not know where the post would be right now and I love the care and support they have for the building and the members.


This week.




Tonight- Snowman Poker (Free Bar room Poker) 7pm


6/13- Kitchen open 5pm-9pm

           Practice for the Flag Ceremony 6pm

           Texas Hold'em Tournament 7pm


6/14- Scholarship Award/Flag Deposal Ceremony at 7:30

           Kitchen open 5pm-9pm


6/15-Shuffleboard Tournament at 7pm

          Rib Night at the Post (Brian the Chef Smoke these RIBS AND THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!)


6/16-R and R Karaoke

          Homemade Dinner Special for 8 dollars (Check out Face book to see what the Kitchen is cooking)


6/17- 0700 Legion ride to Crosby

           Kitchen Open 5pm-9pm

           Juke Box


Marcello and I are current working on the NEW newsletter and the first edition will be at the general meeting on the 21 of June. Please remember why we are here and that is to make this post the best post in Texas and to make each other be a part of a family community.




John J. Cronin